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Blue tiffany dress: 20 long wedding dresses

Blue tiffany dress is always highly sought after by bridesmaids. There was a time when tiffany green dominated party fashion, but for some time now blue has started to be more successful.

Just like tiffany green when it comes to tiffany blue dresses for bridesmaids, we are actually dresses in the tiffany blue palette. This palette usually includes some lighter blue tones and more intense and vibrant tones, such as turquoise and tourmaline blue that is in the vast majority of calls blue tiffany palette.

Long blue tiffany dress for bridesmaid

01-Pleated tiffany blue dress with a slight sheen, two fashion trends for party 2020. Dress for sale at Mariah Boutique, contact 17 992671166.

02-Trio of tiffany blue dresses for bridesmaids. Dress for sale at Mariah Boutique, contact no 17 992671166.

long blue tiffany dress for bridesmaid

03-Lace dress with wide skirt, beautiful! In the photo Gisela Saback in a Martha Medeiros dress.

04-Classic model for bridesmaids: fluid skirt and embroidery on the top. Dress of Vestidaria, contact at (55) 9 9930-5510.

long blue tiffany dress

05- This dress model is always present in the collections of Agilità (I have already posted in fuchsia color here). For sale at Maison A, contact (83) 99322.8495.

long blue tiffany dress

06-Fluid dress with slit, ideal for daytime weddings. This dress is from Blitz Closet and you can buy it in multi brands all over the country.

flowing blue tiffany dress with slit

07- Lívia Nunes beautiful in Agilità long sleeve dress (for sale in the best multi-brand stores all over the country).

long blue tiffany dress

08-Plus size dress from Achei Meu Vestido. They work with leasing, contact 34 99955-8844.

blue plus size tiffany dress

09- Bárbara Porto wearing a dress from Ateliê Bonnie Fussi contact on WhatsApp 62-999334050.

long blue tiffany dress for bridesmaid

10- Tiffany blue mermaid dress, too beautiful! For sale at Ellô Closet, contact 62 99282-1313.

long blue tiffany dress
long tiffany blue party dress for bridesmaid

11-Gorgeous dress from My Dress by Hadassa!

Long tiffany blue princess style party dress with slit

12- Mayra Bittar beautiful in a blue tiffany dress princess model by Isalina Gusmão Atelier (contact Whats (62) 98313-3550).

long tiffany blue party dress for bridesmaid

13-Charm this dress from Club da Moda (contact (83) 3339-6304).

long blue tiffany dress for bridesmaid
long tiffany blue dress with sleeve for bridesmaid

14-Tiffany blue dress with ruffled princess style skirt, beautiful (it looks very much like a tiffany blue party dress that Thassia Naves wore a wedding)! Dress by Pauzzi Atelie, contact (34) 99264-1227.

long tiffany blue party dress for bridesmaid

15-Long dress with flowing skirt, perfect for summer weddings, especially outdoors. Honoria 1930 dress, contact at (34) 99634-6898.

long blue tiffany dress for beach wedding

16-Tiffany blue dress lacy with a slight transparency, too beautiful @ Available for rental at Dress to You, contact (85) 99241-8425.

Long blue tiffany dress with a slight transparency

17-Three dresses from the tiffany palette ranging from lighter to a more vibrant tone. The three are from Rent a Wish Dresses, contact 41-984383854.

blue tiffany dress for bridesmaid

18- Beautiful and light dress, perfect for a beach wedding. Highlight also for the clutch shell. Both, available for rent at Vestida by Bia, contact (11) 97334-3322

long blue tiffany dress

19- This model from Master Dress Ateliê (contact 21 21 969120103) is perfect for bridesmaids on the beach!

20- Lurex dress with one sleeve. At Vesti i Due, contact (27) 99247-0868.

long blue tiffany dress from lurex

In this post I show more than thirty tiffany dresses for bridesmaids (there are options of tiffany green and blue tiffany dresses).

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