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Cizzy Bridal Australia Wedding Dresses Orchid Bloom collection
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Cizzy Bridal Australia Wedding Dresses: Orchid Bloom collection

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If there is one thing that does not change around the world it is the bride’s desire to climb the altar in a costume that exalts her beauty. All of them, without exception, want something to make them feel wonderful on one of the most important days of their lives as a couple. Proof of this is the Australian brand Cizzy Bridal Australia, which we will talk about in this article. Founded in 2009, the company specializing in wedding dresses based in the city of Perth, the largest country in Oceania, shows that on the other side of the globe the traditional models are also the darlings and have relentless appeal.

They are the bosses of the Orchid Bloom collection (“Flor de Orquídea”, in good Portuguese), marked by the sobriety and class of the pieces. They are long, if not for the white color, they would also be objects of desire for godmothers and guests as party dresses.

Classics that never go out of style

Cizzy Bridal has an original and classic style, with unique custom-made designs and, in this collection, a spring air. Forget about the sleeves. Most bridal gown models rely on the straps they cherish for a woman’s mobility on the big day. Following the same line of reasoning, do not expect to see very armed skirts or rounds, since this is not the proposal.

The sophistication lies in understanding that less is more and that the accessories and other production details will implement the look. A lightness and freshness of the pieces ensure delicacy and sophistication of the look.

Valued bust

For the necklines, luxury options of squares and V-necklines, from the deepest to the leastThe bust is elegantly highlighted while each dress leaves a generous amount of skin on the back. This makes them perfect for those who want to choose between loose wedding hairstyles, with the strands on the shoulders, or for those who prefer to attach them with a beautiful ornament. In both cases, necklaces are welcome.

Transparency in the measure

Another aspect of the brand is the way you use the mixture of opaque and transparent fabrics. Thanks to this, we have here the possibility of a sensual bride and yet with the vibe princess, with well-tuned silhouettes and the use of lace and tulle, among other materials, in the right measure.

Generational charmer

The workshop produces dresses whose timelessness of design makes easy the mission to leave him high for many, many years. What woman has never looked at an outfit and wondered about her own taste in the past when confronted with wearing it in an image? Having this feeling when facing your wedding album can certainly make the memories bittersweet and a little uncomfortable when looking at the wedding dress photos. With a Cizzy Bridal, this is a concern that no longer exists.

With classic designs, the brand shows its a gift for dressing all kinds of bodies and seeing their pieces last for generations. You know those family stories where the granddaughter and daughter wore the same dress as the grandmother? If this is a tradition that the bride would like to start, by opting for classic and light silhouettes you will have more chance to take the idea forward and see descendants approving the suggestion.

Fall in love with the wedding dresses from this collection and watch the magic happen on your wedding day. Their simplicity and delicacy will combine with whatever details are used as complements – even the most striking and bright – giving carte blanche to dare and make an impact of a true fashionista. An idea suitable for all wedding styles, that promises to pluck a lot of sighs from your date and guests by seeing you in one of these clothes and a bouquet of flowers in hand. Be timeless and killer.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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