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unconventional proposals for 2020

Have you ever thought about marrying one of the real Naeem Khan wedding dress models? The American designer of Indian origin is internationally known for his work with red carpet stars, having already dressed some of the most powerful women in the world, such as former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Queen Noor of Jordan. The list of imposing client names doesn’t stop there.

Stars of show business, such as singers Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift, among many others, are among the personalities who are fans of the designer style, thorough and light. With models available in more than 150 stores all over the planet, Khan launched the Autumn 2020 collection of haute couture fashion, the result of a handcrafted work rich in refinement and detailing that is characteristic to it. A full plate for the eyes able to inspire even the wedding decoration.

Meet the stylist

Born and raised in Mumbai, Khan grew up in a family with vast knowledge in textiles, with his grandfather and father having created numerous clothes for Indian royalty. When he moved to the United States at the age of 20, he became an apprentice to American designer Halston. It was there that he learned to create a clean, elegant and timeless silhouette for all women. A knowledge that, together with his family experience, allowed him to create his own style and establish himself in New York.

In fact, the wedding design seems to be ideal for Khan. In his creations for the brides, he can make use of a set of manual and complex weaving and sewing techniques. Each dress seems to carry with it a handful of references of the models of party dresses that make the head of the famous ones, even in the most casual proposals to climb the altar.

Details that escape the obvious

Aware of new times and new women’s needs, such as comfort and pragmatism, he bets for the season on details with fringes, feathers, crystals, drapes and transparencies in non-obvious drawings.

What doesn’t mean I haven’t heeded the cries of the more traditional brides. The long and lacy floral designs are properly represented in the collection in beautiful pieces with the most varied necklines, of the wedding dress hopefully fall to the round close to the neck.

The truth is that, regardless of style, the pieces are designed for women with strong personality. Thanks to such a demanding clientele, the designer allowed himself, for example, add to the options a single front jumpsuit, plus a casual chic look modelwith the combination of a light shirt with long sleeves and pants of the same sparkling material.


The silhouette of the dresses deserves a separate chapter. They are light and clean looks that respect female curves and clamor for a bride’s body consciousness. Thus, the designer also introduced to the proposal a series of short wedding dresses, real white minivets, mostly adorned by fringes and clear inspiration in the trends of previous decades.

They are refreshing and easy to use haute couture pieces, which do not take away mobility or the comfort of who you’re wearing.

For different event types

The collection seen in full demonstrates the brand’s clear concern in embrace any and all marriage proposals, from formal to unpretentious. Thus, it will only be up to the personal taste of the protagonist to choose among the wedding models what she will use at the party and dinner for hundreds of people or how she will appear before the justice of the peace during a morning union. All this without fear of the trials, with a perfectly dressed silhouette by haute couture fashion.

Don’t let the typical insecurity of big day preparations make you feel that you don’t deserve a dress up to the big stars. The wedding dresses from Naeem Khan’s Autumn 2020 collection aim precisely to increase your self-esteem and show that to be beautiful you first need to be comfortable. At worst, if all else fails to fight anxiety, there will always be the certainty that Beyoncé or some royalty could be perfectly wearing the same outfit to feel beautiful. And this is something that few party dresses can do for you. Allow yourself and let yourself live in the moment. If not at your own wedding, when else?

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