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Complete guide to choosing and buying a wedding dress

Marcos JK Photography
Marcos JK Photography

Among so many wedding dresses available on the market, choosing the most appropriate one for the big day may seem an impossible mission for many women. Although the task is tiring and leaves many unsure, there are some tips that can make the search easier and offer a north that saves time, energy and money until you reach the ideal costume.

Considering the setting, climate and theme of the union, your personal style and the model that best dresses you are some of the key points for the choice of clothing (just as you would be to buy one of the party dresses on sale were it not for you at the altar). But there are other “cat leaps” to consider. In this article, we list 20 of them. Take note and don’t be intimidated.

João Renato Gomes
João Renato Gomes

1. Search for references

First of all, it is essential to identify the bride’s taste, which can be known through a great research exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that you browse through specialized magazines and browse through wedding fashion sites such as, our inspirational articles and our catalog, browse through the images available at Pinterest and check out the bridal gown models of the famous ones to find out what you like the most.

Based on this research it will be possible to form a large collection of ideas and understand the predilections regarding garment length, décolletage, volume and materialsAmong other things. Have this list in hand before you start the search in stores.

Pour Un Oui by Cymbeline
Pour Un Oui by Cymbeline

2. Do not close yourself to ideas

Although this research work offers a northward search, it is not uncommon for women to arrive with a definite idea of the ideal dress and then try it on, not love it and realize that they fell in love with something completely different from what they had considered. So it’s important to keep an open mind during shopping. Liking a particular style does not mean that it will prove to be the most appropriate for you and your moment.

3. Do not buy in the last hour

Even a simple wedding dress usually takes time months to be produced. And after that, it needs some time to adjust according to your body. Therefore, the ideal is to order it well in advance, around 10 months to one year before the date. It is not advisable, however, to buy it already without a date set, as there is a risk of the clothes going out of fashion (or not matching the style of your bond) when you finally get up to the altar, in case the engagement period is too long.

Janaina Carvalho Photography
Janaina Carvalho Photography

4. Define a theme

It seems obvious, but it is worth reinforcing that before going shopping it is necessary to define the theme and/or style of the celebration. This will influence both the choice of location and attire. The last thing you want is for your dress to be at odds with the style of the wedding.

5. Follow the budget

Against future headaches, first of all, find out who will pay for the dress. You need to know how much can be spent on it. The concern about how to pay off a huge debt incurred can spoil the climate of all celebration and generate a series of internal and external conflicts, which can sour the relationship between the couple and their families. It is important to emphasize that the amount stipulated for the dress is not limited to it, but to the production, since it will also be spent on the shoe, the veil, the jewelry and other accessories.

João Renato Gomes
João Renato Gomes

6. Consider something other than white

Believe me, an off-white dress or a rosé may turn out to be a grateful surprise. Although they are not ideal for you, this is something you will only discover using. Every year, the number of brides who marry in colorful dresses grows. Don’t be afraid to be the only one.

7. Draw with the size

A clothes measurement table is usually different from the one you wear on a daily basis. Therefore, if the bride needs one or two sizes larger than her usual mannequin there is no problem or need for her to be distressed.

That said, always buy yourself an outfit, even if your plan is to lose weight by the big day. It’s a lot easier to reduce a dress than the other way around. Most dresses can be changed in one or two sizes depending on the seam margin. It’s better to order big to accommodate her than to get stuck with a zipper that won’t close.

Ronald Mennel - Photo and Film
Ronald Mennel – Photo and Film

8. Find reliable stores and make an appointment

So you don’t waste time in stores that don’t suit your taste or are at odds with the price range you can pay, search for references with married friends of brands that have a good reputation. A good tip is to call the locations in advance for information on your inventory.

After screening, make an appointment with a salesman (during a weekday), since many stores do not allow brides to look against the models in their macaws of clothes. And always start the tastings at the cheapest stores and dresses. If you can save money, why not?

Du Baú Photography
Du Baú Photography

9. If you’re a plus size, let us know

Nothing’s worse than going to a store and finding out they only have models that don’t fit. In this case, the connection before the visit is even more important. Ask the salesperson without fear if they have plus size wedding dresses, if it is possible for him to get some dresses from his mannequin and schedule a date for when he has them. This prevents you from wasting your time and patience on something that was not done thinking of your comfort. The dress should fit you, not the other way around..

10. Look for adjectives for the ideal dress

Do you want something classic, vintage and comfortable or romantic, glamorous and grand? It may sound like a silly proposal, but the more adjectives you give, knowing how to list your priorities, the better your result will be to get what you want in the search, including to be able to pass it on to the store style consultants.

Gabriel Cabral Photography
Gabriel Cabral Photography

11. Separate a whole day

Choosing a costume is an incredibly time-consuming task because of the time it takes to travel to the stores and the hours of selecting models and tastings. Don’t put pressure to decide in a hurry among other day-to-day tasks. It tends to become an even more tiring and potentially frustrating mission.

12. Know who to take

Use your wisdom to choose who will accompany you in your choice. Taking mother, sister, sister-in-law, all the godmothers and bridesmaids will be a big headache. The leaner the group, the better. To reach a consensus more easily, elect no more than two or three people that have tastes similar to yours and/or important to you. And, of course, that you know how to express them in a way that doesn’t end your self-esteem.

Pamela Kieper Photography
Pamela Kieper Photography

13. Wear appropriate lingerie and shoes

Go prepared for the trials, the stores usually offer the accessories, but besides being a little uncomfortable because they are shared models, there is always the risk of not having their number. We recommend that you prepare for the tests by taking:

  • Wear or carry a strapless bra in your purse in case you try on a wedding dress that you hope will fall off;
  • A compression panty can help you better visualize your shapes in a tighter dress.
  • Also take a shoe of the same height that you should wear in the day to see how the dress will look

Dream Image - Photo and Film
Dream Image – Photo and Film

14. Choose the silhouette

The ideal outfit is the result of the sum of the style that pleases you the most, with the place and climate of the wedding and that which best suits your body, so that you emphasize your strengths and do not lose the vibe proposed. Know how to balance your curves with the volume of your clothes. For that, consider other lengths besides the long one. Besides being beautiful, they add personality to the production.

O type of fabric used should also be the object of attention, in addition to the color and decorations on it. It significantly impacts the appearance: a heavier and more structured material will shape its shape, while unstructured silk and soft chiffon are less flattering with plus size brides.

Dai Sibernagel Photography
Dai Sibernagel Photography

15. Consider buying online

No problem buying your dress online. Being able to try on the dress yourself is great but it’s not the only way to do things. But before you buy a wedding dress from China or other national and international webs, take your measurements with the help of a seamstress and check the return policy of the site to make sure you’re entitled to a full refund if you don’t like it when you have it.

16. Be true to yourself

Don’t choose something just because it pleases other people. It’s crucial that you choose what you love and what appears to be the dress of your dreamsregardless of the expectations of your mother, mother-in-law or friends. You must say “yes” to him as you will to your partner. So the outfit you feel most beautiful in is the right one.

Humberto and Cris Cavalcante
Humberto and Cris Cavalcante

17. Pictures from all angles and consultations

Once in a dress that’s a serious candidate to be chosen, take pictures from all angles with it, so you can see the front, back and sides. With these images, consult the people who were with you in the event. If that is not enough, share in a group of brides in some website or social network (whenever there are only people you trust). Unbiased feedback can be the help that was lacking.

18. In the evidence, if it is produced minimally

If you have trouble visualizing yourself produced inside the dress, you won’t feel pretty when you try on the wedding dresses. To get the full effect, try to imitate the look of the great. Put on some make-up and wear your hair up or down, depending on how you plan to wear it.

Humberto and Cris Cavalcante
Humberto and Cris Cavalcante

19. Customize and test who you trust

Tailor-made clothes are more expensive because they are created just for you. It is cheaper to buy something ready and spend it on a good seamstress that will make it perfect for your body. Besides, no wedding dress will be as comfortable as your pajamas. So make sure the fitting doesn’t get too tight on you. Sit down and kneel down with the suit in the cabin and still risk a few dancing steps. Move to make sure you’re comfortable with the changes.

If the suit finally ready doesn’t suit you completely, you don’t have to discard it. Gather your trusted style consultants and try on different accessories. The seamstress can also adapt it by shortening it, changing the neckline, removing or adding elementslike sleeves.

Important tip: the professional should do small interventions but not redesign the dress. Any customization that requires the model’s internal support and structure to be changed is risky, expensive, and often irreversible.

João Renato Gomes
João Renato Gomes

20. Keep the dress away from home

If you live with your date, ask a close friend if she would have her clothes ready in the closet. Besides keeping the surprise for your love, it blinds you from the temptation to use it every day until the wedding!

Legendary Photo and Cinema
Legendary Photo and Cinema

Ready to go on the wedding dress search? We hope so after those tips. Try not to get too anxious imagining his effect on your wedding decor and other people’s reaction to seeing him in you. The roller coaster of excitement will culminate in an enlightened date. Enjoy the moment, without paranoia and worries.

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