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metallic bet for the guests
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metallic bet for the guests

The metallic looks came out of the closet a few seasons ago. Gold, you cover… And now the silver one asks for passage, too. Actress Lucy Boynton performed on the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2020 with a dress liquid silver and showed, by putting the silver even on the make-up, that the tone is a right bet for luxury occasions. And there is no doubt that a bond is the ideal opportunity for party dresses with a colour that imposes sophistication and a certain audacity. fashion instantaneous.

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Classics X Contemporary

For 2020 brands such as Rosa Clará, Aire Barcelona and Fara Fiesta have included in the catalogue silver models with classic silhouettes, even allowing to invest in dresses lacy, with evasive and mermaid cuts, in different shades of silver. This is a timeless option, and women who seek a metallic shade with more matte and discreet brightness, these models are ideal, working also for godmothers.

But the classics weren’t the only cuts to count on that more futuristic turn in colour. St. Patrick’s, one of the most prestigious brands when the themes are dressed as cocktail bet for the flashy silver in its 2020 collection, using more contemporary necklineslike the canoe, and blouse dresses, all sequined.

Pronovias, with a captive place in the hall of the wedding dress brands, in the party also invested in metallic, and the new season features silver lamé dresses, and went further in the election of the courts…where asymmetric and more hollowed cracks appear.

Accessories in harmony

A silver party dress model already has all the glitter and glamour that a look needs, especially for a wedding, where the protagonist must always be the bride. And precisely because she carries this additional shine on the fabric itself, in many cases it is advisable to dispense with the accessories, or at least some of themand invest in a wedding hairstyle model that gives the dress the highlight it deserves.

If the dress has a lighted silver fabric, be careful to commit excesses. Sequins, silver wet velvet, lamé and silk are fabrics that, combined with shoulder to shoulder necklines, canoe or collar, no necklaces, or use only one point of light for the neck, and they’re asking for thin, non-volume earrings. Dresses with more opaque fabrics allow for brighter jewelry, but in case of a look total silver you always have to be careful.

If your dress gives room for complements, to harmonize with your costume give preference to those in cold tonesi.e. silver accessories combined with blue or greenish stones.


If the marriage has a visual identity that harmonizes with the silver on the altar, next to the couple, the most suitable for godmothers are fabrics of matt shadeswho do not glitter so much, after all, is the model of a wedding dress that should concentrate all the looks of the guests. Lace dresses such as those presented by Pronovias, Fara Fiesta and Rosa Clará are perfect, and have timeless cuts.

All indications are that metallics will not fall into disuse any time soon, and with the right silhouette a silver dress can be adapted to the most varied styles of bonding. Even the wedding dress can gain silver details. Hollywood has already approved this glow… Have you?

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