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Velvet dress: models and tips

Velvet dress is love or hate type. In addition, there is always the question whether velvet dress is fashionable.

Honestly, I’ve been working with party fashion for a long time and velvet was never the big thing at the time. I believe that because in Brazil there is no winter in fact in much of the country and velvet is a typical cold fabric since it is super heavy.

Despite the fact that velvet is not unanimous, there is always one or the other model of renowned brands in party fashion. That is, if you are from the team that loves velvet dress, the most important thing is to wear it in the winter and go in search of current models, so as not to look old or dated.

Below I show some recent models, some even used by famous.

Long dresses for weddings and graduations

Marina Ruy Barbosa is one of the best dressed celebrities in the country and has remarkable good taste (I have already made a post showing party dresses worn by her). This wet velvet dress by the brand Patricia Bonaldi she wore before it was even launched by the brand (if I’m not mistaken it is from the 2018 collection). I saw it for sale at the Apparence store, contact (19) 999409169.

Another famous person who posted in a velvet dress was the singer Iza. To be honest the dress only has the velvet bodice which is a great solution to make the dress lighter. Dress by Letícia Manzan (contact at (11) 94526-4632).

singer iza party dress

Two dresses completely velvet but that has a youthful and somewhat light look. This is due not only to the fluid models but also to the pink color that is naturally associated with youthfulness. Marie dresses (contact (11) 97633.4141).

long pink velvet dress

Marsala dress in a beautiful evening model, beautiful! On sale at Cristina Acedo.

long marsala velvet dress

Another beautiful dress from the Cristina Acedo store.

emerald green long velvet dress

Royal blue dress from Atelier Suelen Amorin (contact at (49) 3224-6690).

royal blue velvet long dress

Another interesting option that mixes velvet with other lighter fabrics. I also think the color combination is beautiful. Dress by Elisa Lima (contact no 11 97468-7799).

long dress and pink velvet and marsala

Beautiful royal blue dress from Ateliê Bonni Fussi (contact no 62 9650-1732)! In the photo the beautiful Bárbara Porto.

royal blue velvet long dress

Red velvet dress in a current and beautiful model! For sale at Joana Julião, contact (81) 9.9510-1008.

long red party dress

Did you like it? Here are tips on stoles and jackets to wear with a winter party dress.

Soon I will update the post with options for short velvet and midi dresses 😉

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