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What shouldn’t guests wear to a wedding?

Cheer up. You received one of the wedding invitations to celebrate a dear and close couple! More than the call to go to a party, it is a request for presence filled with meaning. It’s hard for the couple to close the list of favorite people to witness this key moment in life. Many names end up being left out because of the limited budget. So, interpret the invitation as a proof of closeness, affinity, and affection. It is a clear sign that your company is appreciated and seen as fundamental to their complete happiness. In return, it is necessary that you follow a set of rules of etiquette so that everything is enjoyed as intensely as respectfully. Starting with the costume. Dresses and the combinations of suit and pants should never sound like an affront to the couple and the occasion.

To help the guests, the dress code to be followed is mandatory information of the wedding invitation text. It determines the protocol of the wedding: fine sport or ride (more casual), full ride or social (formal) or to rigor, gala or black tie (super formal). Still, some colors and pieces should be avoided because they show lack of consideration. As the best way to help guests understand what is good in tone is to show what they should not do, we list here what is seen as inappropriate in the choice of clothing, in general lines.

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Namata Space

Never seen white

Unless it is a theme party where everyone should go with this color, a single person at the ceremony and party has the endorsement to wear white: the bride. This is the color reserved for her. But very pale tones, like rosé and champagne, are also vetoed. Any color that might be confused with white should be discarded. Because many brides dispense with the complete white and go up with shades close to it on the altar.

Do not overshadow the bride

The least smart thing to do at a wedding is to overshadow the bride. If the celebration is formal and you wish to wear some glitter, choose as discreetly as possible. Shiny fabrics or metallic effects take the bride’s attention away and throw her against you. Animal print prints cause the same effect, besides being of bad tone for this type of event. Don’t be the inconvenient person that shifts the focus away from who deserves it.

Nothing too sexy

Revealing a little skin won’t hurt anyone, but a wedding is neither the time nor the place to wear your shortest and most provocative outfitlike a miniskirt and a short top. Many unions are celebrated in churches and other places considered sacred, which ask for sobriety, protection and respect. Save the sexy modelito for the ballad. A nice and appropriate short party dress does not reveal much more than the knee.

Do not wear jeans

Regardless of the dress code at the party, jeans are only an excellent piece for informal days, a Sunday off in the park, a ride in the mall or a beer after work. The occasion is unique and special and jeans are too casual, no matter what they say. It does not integrate the set of good manners and practices in a marriage.

Avoid the black

There’s no woman who looks bad in black. At first, there’s nothing wrong with “basic black.” But colour is associated with mourning and is therefore unfit for a moment of joy. As it is already a very popular tone, this rule ends up being controversial and has an interpretation that varies a lot from person to person. If you are planning to wear black, try one of the party dress models that has a pattern associated, preferably with a cheerful theme, like a floral.

Escape the color of godmothers

The one who speaks to you has already made this mistake. It is necessary to ask what color the godmothers will wear in the ceremony so as not to repeat it. Everyone gets the impression that you are a lost godmother, who has confused the place you should occupy in the ceremony. Or that you’re upset that you weren’t called to such a position. It is extremely uncomfortable and the photos will eternalize the unfortunate coincidence with your grief.

Don’t miss the formality

In the same way that being casual in a social is frowned upon, being too formal is a problem. No one will understand what makes someone parade a gala dress when the order was fine sport. Sounds snobbish and seems to want to overshadow the bride.

Do not overdo the accessories

Women’s bags should be small or medium in size. Large bags are out of production and not elegant enough. The item is only allowed to mothers of small children, who need to carry clothes, diapers, medicines, bottles and so on. Hats are well accepted as long as they are not too big. Men, forget about the caps and bandanas. Women, tiaras that have the appearance of bride production should not be considered.

Forget short and shorts

Unless the couple specifically told him to go in shorts, you shouldn’t wear the play, even at a casual wedding on the beach. There are light linen pants available on the market that will look great for the big day overlooking the sea. The only exception to the rule are small children, who tend to get irritated by the heat.

In short, any female costume that takes the bride’s attention away or causes her to be confused with it will be a problem. Among so many options of party dresses there is no reason to choose one so clear knowing the risk. Among the male dresses, the most recurring mistake is always to miss the tone of the event formality. To avoid this, ask yourself about the garments you intend to wear. Would they be suitable for going to the wedding itself or to a business meeting? If the answer is no, discard the wearing. It’s either this or getting the annoying gift of having the photos as wedding souvenirs showing how much you’ve disagreed with the others.

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