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70 models to inspire you

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Although there are differences in temperature from one region to another, one thing is certain: the summer arrives bringing a very welcome heat wave to all of Brazil. And it is one of couples’ favorite seasons for the day when they will say “yes”. Both brides and grooms must have looks adapted to the party environment and climate, and that means taking into consideration the fabrics of the costumes, the type of silhouette and sleeves of the wedding dresses, thinking about the accessories and, of course, choosing the most functional of them all: the wedding shoes. How about getting inspired with a complete gallery of examples that can take you elegantly to the altar?

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Sandals: the little darlings

Due to the high temperatures and humidity in many cities, sandals are the preferred ones, and precisely the more recommended for those who marry in summer, since it is healthy to let their feet breathe.

  • Among the models that emerge in 2020 as trends, the sandals with stone details take first place…with a lot of sparkle!
  • In summer, although high heels never lose their majesty, a more recommendable option for those who do not dispense with it is the medium jump, which allows for walking in more relaxed terrainlike places on the beach, in the country or in a garden.
  • Summer option are the espadrilles and the espadrilles, shoes that have soles made of canvas or rope. While the alpargata is a short shoe, its higher version, the espadrilla, can count on anabela heel, perfect for women who do not dispense with the heel, but want to say “yes” in a lighter and simpler way.
  • The half-legged sandal is the choice of those who wish a glamorous day, sunshine or rain. The only care is make sure the type of soil you have both at the celebration and reception.
  • Crawls are also a more than viable option for summer marriages, beware the bar of the dressand bearing in mind that, because it is an extremely relaxed shoe model, it is always good to have a special detail, with stones.

Colourful liveliness

The colorful wedding shoes ensure an always interesting contrast with the light shades of the dresses and, if they are in tune with the chosen palette for the day, even better! The Pantone Institute has chosen Classic Blue as the colour of 2020, and this can be reflected in the accessories of those who are about to climb the altar. Invest in a blue sandal for a beach wedding might be the perfect combinationin tune with the sea.

And not blue can be the color you choose for your C-day. Among the models that appear this year, there are hotter shades of sandals, such as red, pink (intense and pastel), golden and the classic black sandal, ideal for nightwear, especially in more formal and closed environments, which have a sophisticated and more classic wedding party decoration, for example.

Foot care

The heat causes perspiration and, the more “closed” the shoe, the greater the possibility that some bacteria will proliferate, so opting for a shoe that lets the feet feel the breeze of the day, more ventilated, is a very valid option and, moreover, it is important to keep your feet well cared for, with exfoliations, cut and sanitized nails, and feet hydrated.

The choice of your shoe is fundamental. Remember that the party lasts hours and that a pain in your feet can take your good mood and animation… That can’t happen! From the preparation to the moment of cutting the wedding cake you must be radiant and the most important: comfortable.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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