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Where to buy (or rent) party dresses inspired by the famous ones!

Who never fell in love with a party dress worn by a famous woman who throws the first stone. Marina Ruy Barbosa is then a master at making us fall in love with the dresses she wears at weddings and other gala events.

Copying celebrities’ party dresses is not always an easy task, but sometimes we can manage that way. To make life easier for all of us, I decided to make this post showing national dresses that are very similar to the imported ones she wears and Brazilian stores that have the dresses for rent…

Where to buy (or rent) the party dresses used by Marina Ruy Barbosa…

I don’t think anyone has fallen in love with this two-tone dress worn by Marina Ruy Barbosa at an outdoor wedding. The bad news is that it is nothing less than a Givenchy the good thing is that the Brazilian brand Kalandra has a super similar that you can buy here in Brazil for a much more interesting price (and with the same quality).

Isn’t it very similar to Marina’s? Wonderful! Kalandra’s contact number is 31-993070872.

long pink and orange party dress

We continue with our inspiring muse Marina Ruy Barbosa. This time the inspiration was a black Prada + turquoise blue dress that she wore on the red carpet.

Marina Ruy Barbosa turquoise and black party dress

I got a similar one (not as much as the first one) but with an emerald green skirt. For those who liked this dress is from Marbô, contact 44-99991-0048.

long emerald green and black party dress

03- Sequin is super hot in party fashion and Marina as always anticipated this trend for us.

Marina Ruy Barbosa pink party dress long sleeve embroidered in sequins

The neckline is different but follows the same style embroidered in sequins with long sleeves. For sale at Blessed Ateliê, contact (21) 99437 4564.

long rose dress with long sleeves

This is a post under construction, that is, I keep updating it little by little whenever I find options for party dresses used by celebrities and that have a similar look in national fashion. If you like some dress and want to ask me to help you find a similar one just send me an email I can’t guarantee it but I promise I’ll try!

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